In real estate renting a house is a very good idea and advisable too. While renting the house to the
tenants you need to be more careful to have the following points and these points need to record
and get signed by tenants if possible.
Home is not used only for dwelling and can be a source of income.
Most of the tenants are not liking the way we are following the checklist, but it is your asset, and you
need to care for your house more.
There are mobile apps available in the market for having recorded all this information as per the
house in your account.
Here all the required points are listed irrelevant to the type of houses and fitments and few points
can be excluded at your convenience.
These points will help you to collect the cost of damages, wear, and tear when tenants leave the

Electricity Meter number

This is one of the points needed to be noted as it helps to collect all the bills of tenants and allows
you to handle the bills with payments so that tenants can save their time and you can pay their bills
and collect money later.
And landlord needs to have EB login for all the meters in their state electricity bills.
This helps you to know who is pending and the status of the payments in case they are paying their

Locker Key number

Key numbers are very important you must keep track and where the keys are. Whether it is with the
tenant or with you and note down the brand name of the locker.
While purchasing the door locker for your house you must purchase a locker with three keys that
help in any loss of keys.
If possible, take another duplicate key also.

Wardrobe Key number

The wardrobe key is another important one where you must keep carefully, and you need to track
the status where it is available.

Geyser Number

You must keep the details of your Geyser details and number of the Geyser and if any change is
happened or dismantles with a new one.

Rental Agreement

While preparing the rental agreements you may have a sample rental agreement and owners can
have a copy of the rental agreement as an image in mobile and whenever is required you can refer.
The agreement should point to wear and tear, damages, losses, and electric payments.

You can mention points about maintenance cost whether it is applicable or not.
You can mention the paint wear and tear cost if it is applicable.

Waste Handling advise

The guidelines need to be provided by the owner in case of wastage disposal. Few tenants will not
think about waste disposal properly with locality insights that create problems for you and your
The waste disposable needs some charge to be paid. This is also needing to be discussed with
tenants and confirmed with them.

Water Bill

The water availability of the local needs to be revealed to the tenants very clearly. This helps in
understanding the available so that they use the water optimized way.
The ground level water and nearby any septic tank possible and related best practices can be
discussed with them.
Over usage of water leads to the cost of living increment.

Underground Room

The usage practice of the underground room needs to be revealed clearly to the tenants as there
may chance to unauthorized usage of unauthorized persons.

Environmental maintenance

You need to be very careful with your tenants that the behavior of nearby tenants or people and
Your tenants need to keep a very safe environment to others and no need to disturb any other by
the chance of any activities.
Tenants need to maintain any noise pollution not to happen. They have to keep the correct sound
levels of radios or TV systems.

ID proof

Owners need to have a copy of ID proof and need to verify their background.

Emergency Contact

In case of any unexpected events like accident, fire, or any other things you need to keep informed
to one of their close relatives. So, you must keep their contact collect from tenants.

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